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How to abtain the artifacts?

You can get artifacts when you are attacking caves or other people. When you got 100 artifacts they automatically turn to a 3rd deed

How do i get more gods?

You can summon more gods from caves or attacking other people. You can also use the item “Order of Zeus”

What does 150K(100K) means when i am scouting?

Gold: 110,000 Food: 110,000(100,000)
Stone: 110,000(100,000) Wood: 110,000(100,000)

The numbers in the parenthesis is the protection limit on the said resource. If the city had 110,000 of each resource you would have only received 10,000 of each resource plundered. Gold cant be protected.

What is BloodBath?

That means you can attack players and hurt the enemie’s army. Troops cant hide when u do a BloodBath. You unlock the option BloodBath when you are at player level 15.

How do i see the coordinates for the player that attacking me without attacking back?

Like the question says, you don’t have to complete the attack. On the final page just before your send your troops shows the cooridnates you are attacking. You can see the information on the left side.

What are the benefits of being in an Alliance?

Being in an Alliance in a game like Spartan Wars is Essential. It provides a member with Help and Advice, Resources, troops, information about players and it can also be fun.

How do I leave an alliance?

To Leave an Alliance, go to your embassy and click on members, then “QUIT”

How do I disband my alliance?

To Disband an alliance, go to your embassy. Go to ”members”, then click on “disband”. Please be aware you can only disband once all members have been ejected.

How do I upgrade/contribute to my alliance?

You need faith to contribute to the alliance, go to the Zeus statue, click worship and use the slider to contribute. (please see how do I get faith? Also)

What is the benefit of a war minister?

A war minister can view the last 20 battle reports from the alliance members. It will be down to your chancellor what other responsibilities you will undertake as war minister.

What is a finance minister?

A finance minister can see every members current resource status. This could be used to see who needs help etc but your chancellor will decide on any other responsibilities etc if any.

How do you send resources to an alliance member?

Click the Map on the bottom left, put in the members cords then search, Click their city, then transport.

How do you send reinforcements to an alliance member?

Click the Map on the bottom left, put in the members cords then search, Click their city, then reinforce.

Gods information

One thing that Spartan Wars has that I really like is the integration of Godsinto the game. Gods serve a couple of functions. They can boost your city’s economy by being worshiped or they can lead your army into a battle and give your troops a buff. Each god has it’s own abilities and they get better as you level them up. Not all gods are equal though as you will see. Poseidon for example at level 4 gives a 40% buff to food production when worshiped.CAREFUL because some gods offers a buff for PROTECTION that is 30%. Don’t mistake that for PRODUCTION which will be 10% You can also sacrifice your gods to earn faith. Faith is basically experience points for gods which you distribute in order to level them up. But for some reason you can’t go over level 4? Why would 4 be the cap? I have Zeus and I’m leveling him up but It still can’t level up my other gods! The reason for that is because you need to join an Alliance and worship Zeus in the Statue of Zeus. Your alliance all comes together to worship Zeus and when your alliance’s Zeus has enough experience you will be able to further upgrade your own gods. Be careful about sacrificing though. I would recommend keeping the gods you get until you’re able to take on the Mystic Cave level 5. Since gods don’t yield that much faith anyway. You only need to have one for each march that you want to do simultaneously plus the amount of cities you have. I like to have about 3 gods to send on marches and 2 for my cities. Some people have 7 for marches and 2 for their cities. This may be the optimal amount if you are getting lots of faith.

Any more gods than that may just clutter your temple with useless stand-by cards. Also if you attack people enough you may also stumble upon a god card as a reward. God cards are rewarded at random but it seems like attacking higher power cities will give more cards. Every level is the power x2 (for example LV1 GOD Cause 12 damage… LV2 is 24 LV3 is 36 ect)

Eleven Great God Tips:

1. use only one star god in battle cause only one skill will be used.

2. Use skills like Heavens lightning, shatter earth and skills that make damages to each troop in large attackes.

3. Use skills like tornland, posidons whip and skills that give a total damage if their is low amonut of troops.

4. All 2-4 stars god is bad in battle cause you never know wish skill is used.

5. 2-4 stars gods are only good for in the cities cause you get all the effect bonus in city. but only on of the battle skills when you get attacked.

6. If you get attacked alot: worship a one star god with HL
and have your troops move to your vice city exept but 3 of each troops and put thoos on stand ground. And you won’t lose any troops and HL will strike the attacker hard.

7. You have to have your troops on stand ground for the god to help you with the battle skill when you get attacked.

8. Don’t let the effect bonus fools you with rss: production gives you more rss /hour. Protection gives you a higher protection limit! not more rss.

9. odd round is 1 3 5 7 …. even round is 2 4 6 8….
the stongest troops always striks first and then second strongest when the first troop is defeted and so on…
every new troops is a new round.

10. Sometimes the god won’t help you in the battle and that is just to exept.. It can really hurt but mostly the will help you.

11. Don’t waist faith on bad gods use it only on thoose one star gods that can be good in battle and thoos you worship. Use the faith for Zeus insteed so we all can get the good gods that we have upgraded

All the powers are Level 1

Heaven’s Lightning
Cause 12 damage to each of the enemy’s units in the current round.
Thorn Land
Causes 500 damage to all the infantry unit controlled by the enemy.
Shattered earth
Causes 6 damage to each infantry unit controlled by the enemy.
Summon 6% additional power of your troops in the current round.
Earth’s Fever
Increases 2% critical chance of your infantries
Raging Flame
Prevents enemy calvary units from attacking for a limited time

What does a God do?
Each got has it’s own powers, some have 2 or 3 different powers. they are used in three different ways.


When you worship a god it means their defence power becomes active. you will chose your god based on their power.

Only one god can be worshipped in the temple at the same time. Worshipped god will defense your city within his or her power.

For Example, if I have a god that adds 80% to all resource production, one that gives 5 power to thorns in the city and one that gives 20% additional resource PROTECTION. You would figure out your current situation, if you are building a lot and not getting attacked etc then you would go with the god that adds to resource PRODUCTION. If you are getting attacked you would want a defensive one, so using the god with additional thorn power might be good, however if you find you lose a lot of resources and never win chose the resource PROTECTION, this will stop as much resource being taken.

For some they use a resource production god then when in a defensive stance, change their god to a more defensive powered god.

No one can really say which god will suit you best, it totally depends on what type of game you play and what your current situation is. Also I advise you level up your god that you worship as it will increase their power %.


When attacking the misty cave/player city’s, you send a god to March with your army. Again this will depend on what troops you send and what troops you face. It is good to have a few variations.

For Example, if you are going to hit the misty cave lvl 5 with sword-men and axe-men using a god with extra damage against infantry would be good. Also since archers are the best against infantry, having a god that adds additional power to your archers would be good. If you have both, work out which would be more beneficial.

Like I said it may be favourable to get a good god against all troop types and to add power to all your troop types. So you have the best god power for each troop situation.


When you sacrifice a god, you will get 1 Faith and you will lose the god. So be sure before you do this. I suggest only sacrificing gods when you have 2 of the same power, or a weaker version of another god.

Beginners Guide

First you must make an account and accept the Terms of Service. You can read them here.

Next you have to choose a good avatar you can’t change it later, also choose a good name you will be able to change it later but it wil cost pearls

Please follow the tutorial a lot is explaned and you will get bonus resourses.

Starting Your Empire
Watch the buildings below, if you build it like this you never have to buy extra space.
As you go through the tutorial you’ll notice that one of the NPC’s will mention that you need a balance between managing your city and building your army.
By now then your city is well on it’s way to becoming an empire as long as you always have something being built.
But how do you manage the balance between building an army and building your city?Well first let’s take a look at your resources and how to manage them and what purpose they serve
Gold – Used for researching technologies, buildings, training units, trading and increasing happiness.
Food – Used solely for your army. Used to train army units and increase army happiness.
Wood – Used for building structures and defenses.
Stone – Used for building structures and defenses.
Each of these resources are generated by a resource building for each resource they generate respectively.
Your Goldmine generates gold, Stone Quarry generates stone and so on. Each one requires slaves in order to generate any resource and as the more slaves you have in them the more resources they generate.

Cave Sheet

Here’s the math on the Mystic Cave so you won’t lose any troops!

  • (Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

So basically you need to find out how many units you’re fighting against, then find out how much power the unit is in question and multiply them together. Then double that and you have the amount of power of the forces you need to have zero losses.

If there are multiple types together like let’s say Axemen and Lancer’s (Cavalry with spears) then you’re going to want to add in Lancer’s power to the formula.

For example:

  • (Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + (Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

Since these are mixed the problem here now is that if you were to attack with axemen you would lose troops. The trick is to use swordsmen because they’re strong against axemen and also strong against cavalry.

And of course if both troop types are infantry then you should use archers. If they’re both cavalry use infantry that is strong against one troop and the same as the other. So Axemen against Lancers and Axeriders. Spearmen against Cavalry and Lancers, etc.

During the early game you may want to use this formula instead.

  • (Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

and for mixed

  • (Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + ((Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers))) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

The only change is that the 2 is now 2.5. The former formula tends to still lose some troops in early game.


Put your forces on hide so they don’t defend your city when you get attacked. It’s pointless to build an army up just to have it destroyed over and over. You’ll want to spend any extra money on your army while you build your buildings.

Now you’ll want to upgrade your storage buildings as high as you can so when you get attacked you won’t lose most of your resources. Remember that Gold is always up for grabs. You can’t protect gold, so use it as often as possible. That means using all of it on researching and buildings and using ALL of the remainder to build troops.

You need to really be using ALL the resources you have. You don’t want the bully to get any off of you, it’s better to be using it on defense and offense than letting him have a single piece of wood.
Your power should be getting higher slightly. Remember to take note of the battle reports. You want to know what he’s attacking with and how many.

If he’s attacking with mainly Infantry units then you’ll want to build archers. If he has Archers try to get cavalry and so on.

Eventually when you’re strong enough you will be able to un-hide your forces and really surprise the guy. You’ll make him lose WAY more resources than he could have gotten by attacking and he’ll back off. After than follow the post I made on growing your city faster and keep building as many forces as you can afford. Eventually you’ll be able to start plundering the bully that was getting you!

Plundering: For Resources

Plundering can sometimes seem like it’s a complicated process when really it’s quite simple. When you get a victory you get to take the resources from the city you plundered. But when you plunder you won’t always get the resources you were hoping to get. Sometimes you get a little of each resource but every time you’ll get at least a little gold. Why is that?

The reason for this is because of storage buildings and their protection limits. When you plunder a city you can’t collect any amount of resource that is lower than the city’s protection limit. Let’s say you scout a city and you see that the city has 100,000 gold, 50,00 food, 50,000 wood and 50,000 stone. You decide on an attack because this is a nice haul and the city has a low power level but your troops come back with 100,000 gold and nothing else. What your scouts didn’t report back is that the city has 100,000 protection on each resource. If you had sent more scouts you would have seen the resource report that looks something like this.

Gold 110,000 Food 110,000(100,000)
Stone 110,000(100,000) Wood 110,000(100,000)

The numbers in the parenthesis is the protection limit on the said resource. If the city had 110,000 of each resource you would have only received 10,000 of each resource plundered. Gold cant be protected.

Scouting is a helpful way to see if sending your troops out will actually be worth your time. Personally I tend to only really target other players that have 100k power minimum though.

Plundering: For Faith

Everytime you plunder a city you will receive resources, but you don’t always get faith. The amount of faith you get is determined on the power level of the city you attack. The less the power level the less faith you get. If you are farming for faith you should be attacking cities with at least 30k power. You can attack cities with less but the amount of faith you receive really diminishes. It’s really inefficient to farm a city that gives you 1 faith every attack when you can simply attack a city that will give you 10,000. When I farm for faith I try to go with cities over 200k power that aren’t in alliances.

You only really need as much faith as you have for gods, but it’s nice to try to get some for your alliance’s Zues statue as well.

Second City

One thing that pops up in world chat sometimes is “how do I get a second city?”
Well really the only way to get a second city is by buying the deed to a second city, which costs 250 pearls, or by getting lucky in the Daily chests or if you get 100 artifacts. Getting a second city will double your income potential, double your army training facilities and double your research facilities!

Try to build your second city as close to your main as possible. It seems tempting to build it far away but it makes it much harder to defend either city. If your being overwhelmed by attacks it may be wise to teleport your main city and then build a second as close as possible. It’ll slow down if not stop the attacks and during the time of calm you can use that momentum to really get your second city building. You may want to try to move closer to an alliance member you isn’t really being attacked too much if you want peace. But a stronger alliance member may offer much more protection.

What are all the building names

How do i get a 3rd city?

You have 3 conditions to be able to build a third city in the game: You must have built 2 cities (main and vicecity). You need one of the ”City Hall’s” to be level 30 and your player level must be 15 or over.

You also need 100 artifacts

What is the highest resource capacity you can have?

Highest resource capacity is: 100.877.500

What is the highest “Daily Trades” in the market?

The highest “Daily Trades” you can do are 60M (60 million) if you have level 30 market.

About Scouts

You can send scouts to wilds or other players to collect information. There is gona be a battle between your scouts and the cities scouts.

The scout report level depend on the number of scouts you send and the “Hawk eye” level you researched

About Morale

Morale affects the power of your army and is affected by the result of wars. You can use the item “Mana Of Dionysus” to grants maximum morale to your military units

How to level up Gods?

A god can only be upgraded by faith, witch can only be obtained from PvP fights or sacrifice other Gods.

How do i upgrade a God to level 10?

Click on the “temple” and choose your God, upgrade it to level 9. When the god is level 9 you must use 100 pearls or the item “Final Myth”

How to protect resources from plundering

You can protect food, stone and wood from being plundering by upgrading the storage and research “Savy Management” in the “Academy”  the gold can only be protected by using items.

You can also worship a god that increase the protecion limit.

About Zeus

“Zeus” level indicate your alliance level. You can use faith to upgrade Zeus. Your alliance will get benefit from each upgrade below:

- Increase your god levellimitation
- Increase maximum alliance members
- Increase number of your alliance officers (Warminister, Financeminister)

What can a Chancellor do?

A chancellor is the head of the alliance.

This is what the chancellor does:

- Appoint the positions in the alliance
- Set diplomacy to the other alliances
- Edit alliance bookmark

How many cities can i own?

You can own 3 cities (Main, Vice and a 3rd)

How to level up my role after finishing all quest?

Finishing each daily quest will gain scores for your role/level

About Market

MArket is where you can exchange resources. The exchange rate refreshes every 24 minutes. Upgrading Market can increase daily amount of trade.

How to login other registred accounts?

Tap on your “Avatar/picture” and you will see “Switch”